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Beginners Evening Photography Workshop – Inverness


  • 26th April 2022
  • 27th April 2021
  • 18:30
  • 21:00



  • £ 70

If you are starting out on your photographic journey or are needing to better understand your camera controls, this foundation workshop is the ideal place to start. Based at the Ness Islands in Inverness, this workshop will run as two consecutive evenings, bookable together.

Suitable for beginners and those wanting to improve their photography skills, you will learn the differences and the relationships between shutter speed, aperture and ISO, leading you on to understand focus, depth of field and when to use each of the settings in your camera.

Explore composition, perspective and scale, applying these to your photography on location. Discover the principles of good landscape photography to create memorable results with opportunities for you to practice using different formats with the subjects around you.

The Ness Islands in Inverness are a perfect setting for these workshops. The River Ness provides moving water interest, with views framed by the trees towards Inverness itself. The bridges between the islands, the trees lining the shores and the pathways through the islands provide you with perfect subjects for practicing and consolidating your new skills.

This workshop runs for two evenings during which we’ll switch off the Auto settings on your camera and spend time learning how to use your camera in the most appropriate settings for you and your photography.

Bring along your camera and any photography accessories that you would like to use. The course is suitable for most cameras from compact cameras to Digital SLRs and if you’re not sure about the suitability of your camera, please ask at the time of booking. And if you need a camera for the course, please ask at the time of booking as I may have a camera for hire at a modest rate. A tripod will be very beneficial, so do bring one along if you can but there are usually a selection for use on the course.

Please note that this is a 2 part workshop and that the fees for both parts should be paid together.

Part 1 - Tuesday 27th April - 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Part 2 - Wednesday 28th April - 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

For further information, please email me at

The cost of this workshop is £70 per person for both evenings and the maximum group size is 6 people.

Angus Mackie

07780 787034